Life is like a box of Coconuts.

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Chasing the sun… In the summer the sun sets on the west side, and moves parallel to the streets. By 8pm it’s around 14th street, and after 14th street you can no longer chase it because the grid changes. So, in the summertime if I’m lucky enough to get out early… I watch the sunset through the streets as I ride my bus home. And thats pretty much one of the best feelings I think I can ever have. #sunset #14thstreet #unionsquare #nyc #photography #instagood #instalike #chasingthesun #life #differentworld


Ed Hetherington’s black and white animal portraits

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Polish fashion designer Agnieszka Osipa creates divine costumes. Her sublime fashion designs are truly breathtaking. While they may not be for everyday wear Osipa’s designs fuse fantasy to ethereal fashion in costumes which subvert the conventional period dress.

Embellishment in Ospia’s collections is key – every garment is hand made. Her attention to detail is otherworldly, with whole surfaces being intricately beaded in complex designs and pearly strings hanging by their multitudes.

Ospia’s artful fusion of past references, modern idea and delicate craftsmanship result in costumes and headpieces that transform her fashionable garments to be works of art in their own right. 

See more of Osipa’s designs on her Webistie, or follow her on Facebook.

Photographs courtesy of Agnieszka Osipa’s website. 

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In my head, that is my hair…

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Cosmos 2014 by RedXen

real life?


kevin russ

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Everyone is hoping for the rain to end, but I’m not tired of it yet.